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The music event is going crazy, see how Lightking responds?

DATE: Jul, 11, 2019

This is a mad summer

This is a music carnival that liberates the soul.

Here are the sun, the beach, the waves...

And rock and roll, hip hop

And the indulgent man

come on! Let us experience together

This exclusive, passionate, high-end luxury feast!

On July 6-7, the Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival opened in the Phoenix Sound Theater. Hundreds of stars gathered here. Pop, rock, hip hop, electronic music and other musical styles shine here. Let us join together feel the passion of the music festival through the video!

At this festival, there are many stars and lots of content. The top domestic electronic music producers, many popular bands, top DJ lineups come to perform, unparalleled lighting effects, accompanied by countless fireworks, high-quality music sound effects, and the stunning image of LED screens, constitute a large music that ignites hormones.

At the Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival, the three featured stages are popular, hip hop and electronic, and the design layout complements the music style. The stage design combines the architectural features of the Grand Theatre and the geographical advantages of the surrounding Golden Beach. 

The phoenix stage is an open-air stage with auspicious clouds as the main background. The center of the stage has a large LED screen, which interacts with the LED screens on the left and right sides. Together with the dazzling lights, the visual effect of the entire stage is stunning.

On the 6th, Li Jian, LENKA, Mao Buyi , the landlord's cat and other big stars appeared one after another; on the 7th, Pu Shu, Hua Chenyu, Panicin, and IsaacGracie had wonderful performances.

On the 6th, the rap special, BIGDO Wang Ke, Ai Fu Jieni and so on debut; on the 7th, rock special, heavyweight guest Cui Jian, Escape Plan, Hanggai band and Chiren band also brought shock and madness.

The Lichee stage has created a dedicated DJ stage for the electric sound. The overall vision is the most international. The DJ stands in the center of the stage, with LED large screen, linear and point light array. The audience is in the light of the light array, and sways with the strong rhythm of electronic music.

Each of the three stages has its own unique style, combined with the on-the-spot dance visual and lighting and sound effects, bringing fans a cool and beautiful visual display. This year's stage was held at the Phoenix Sound Theatre in Qingdao Golden Beach Beer City. The huge open-air stage is in line with the international tonality of the festival. The background lighting and the picture of the stage are more like the wings of the phoenix. The vision is vast and the effect is shocking.

The LED large screens that show the three stage effects of the festival "Phoenix Spreading Wings" come from the more than 1000 square LED large screens of Lightking products RD2 and P4.  The 360-degree live broadcast of the entire scene, with dazzling lights, super-burning music, echoes the stage, increasing the vibrancy and excitement of the scene, even if the heavy rain on the 7th , Lightking's LED display continuously provide a stable and strong guarantee for on-site and webcast.

A wonderful concert brought enthusiasm and joy to this summer, and Lightking also presented an unparalleled picture for this cultural performing event. From the TVshow of Russia's THT Radio, the Carnival of Asian Culture, the CCTV Variety Festival, to the Qingdao Phoenix Music Festival in 2019, a wonderful and remarkable cultural journey has been perfected and wonderfully presented. Lightking also enjoys the surprises and wonderful experiences brought by cultural interpretations. It will continue to provide professional solutions for major music festivals and large-scale performances with more outstanding LED display products and services, presenting a wonderful visual feast!